New Year’s Special Event

New Year’s is the best time to close chapters and start new stages in life, and in Japan it’s also a special moment to share with your loved ones and show your gratitude with presents. Fukubukuro, literally «lucky bag», isn’t just the Japanese version of a grab bag; it’s a tradition with more than a hundred years of history that allows stores to clean their inventory and at the same time gives customers an opportunity to get huge discounts. Tope Suteki is saying goodbye to a lot of old designs to make room for the new collection, and we think this is the perfect way to get the old out and make room for the new: just give it away as a present to you. Instead of a conventional fukubukuro event, we’re sending a lucky bag for free with all orders made on during December. The bag is full of random presents worth at least as much as your order, and it can include all sorts of things, from tees to tote bags, chokers and earrings, stationery, embroidered patches… Also, some special stuff, like prototypes or promotional items that were never available for sale.



  • Every order will come with a free lucky bag with items worth as much as your order or more (total order amount not including shipping and handling costs)
  • This promotion includes all items available on all categories of the online store, except preorder and Calico Peach. 
  • The gifts are random and you can’t pick what you get, but we will try to choose something you might like based on the items you order.
  • Gift items can’t be exchanged or returned.
  • We will use the items of clothing you buy as a guide to send you similar sized items (for example, if you order an XL tee, we won’t send you a gift tee in a size small)
  • For items in the outlet, the value of the gift will be calculated based on their original price.
  • The gifts might include prototypes or defective items, but only aesthetic or minor defects (off colors, irregular printing) or be a part of an incomplete set, but it will not include anything that is not usable (nothing that has breaks or tears, for example).

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